How A Etobicoke Electrical contractor Can Help Update Your Landscape Lighting

Your landscape is an importance element in the design of your homestead. Often, your yard may seemingly disappear in the dark when you don’t have the correct lighting system. If you want to bring the yard back to life at night, you need to check its lighting design. Having the right landscape lighting highlights the beauty of the home as well as its greenery. There are many styles and setups for landscape lighting systems so you want to check, which one works best for the home. With help of a Etobicoke Electrical contractor, you can turn your yard into an adoring and beautiful space that you enjoy relaxing on all the time.

Line Voltage Landscape Lighting

You will find that there are two main categories of landscape lighting and each one of them comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, there is the line-voltage lighting that uses electricity of 120 volts, just the same voltage as the standard outlets you have in the home. This type of lighting is needed for security because it improves nighttime visibility.

Unless you have installed line-voltage in the low-use areas, you may find it quite expensive. It also needs to be done professionally with the wiring being trenched about 18 inches under the ground. The cost of installing this lighting fixture tends to be less compared with low-voltage bulbs and fixtures.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting steps down the 120 volts of electricity to about 12 volts with use of a transformer. Because the voltage is medium, it means that it’s safer to run this kind of lighting, especially in moist and wet environments. The lighting system doesn’t need to be buried deep underneath the ground, with only minimal submersion, it can prevent mower snafus and tripping while enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the yard. The operating costs are also lower when compared to line-voltage lights, particularly if dimmers are used.

Although it may not be as bright as the line-voltage lighting, the low-voltage lighting reduces the number of fixtures you need to use within a given lighting scheme.

Which is the Best Choice?

Low-voltage lighting for landscapes may be used in similar space and purpose as the line-voltage, however, it is safer for outdoor environments that are wet. It’s also less expensive. Again, low-voltage lighting offers compatible installation, therefore it is a favorite choice for many homeowners. There is a wide range of these lights, which include track, rail, recessed, display, and pendant lighting. There are also a wide variety of beams, lenses, and bulbs.Etobicoke Electrical contractor

If you aren’t sure which landscape lighting you need for your home, a Etobicoke Electrical contractor may help you determine the best choice. Don’t let your yard look dark or lose its aesthetic beauty, spruce up its look with use of the right landscape lighting. Choose a lighting design that will save you money on electricity bills while not compromising on the look of the yard. Let the electrical contractor survey your yard and determine your energy needs before they recommend the right choice of lighting.