Types of Shingles a Local Toronto Roofing Company Can Install In Your Home

If you want to fit shingles in your home, you want to know that there are a variety of materials and the cost may vary. Consulting with local toronto roofing company allows you to find out which shingles are going to suite your home and the location you live in. The contractor will explain to you the cons and pros of the various shingles and what your best option is. Remember that local roofers understand your climatic needs better when it comes to roofing. They also know which materials can stand the climate.roofing company

Asphalt shingles

Many homeowners today prefer asphalt shingles because of the cost element. They are pretty inexpensive but their lifespan is about 20 to 30 years. You may get coated asphalt shingles meeting the Energy Star standards something that can help you lower energy costs in the long run. The three-tab shingles tend to be thinner and less costly compared to architectural or laminated asphalt shingles.

Tile shingles

If you are seeking for a unique appearance of your roof, tile shingles are a choice. Although they are more expensive, they tend to survive for long. They are very durable and the costing of purchase and installation can be offset by the long period you have to go without replacing them. Tile shingles can go up to 50 years, however, they may be too heavy for some home structures.

Metal roofs

You may work with metal shingles especially if the home has a steep or flat roofline. The metal shingles last for long usually reaching up to 50 years. However, corrosion can take its toll on them. That said, modern metal shingles are designed of materials engineered to reduce water damage like corrosion. With proper after-installation care, you may have the shingles lasting longer. However, if you neglect them, they will deteriorate fast and soon you will need to have replacements done.

Wood shingles

For homeowners looking for aesthetically appealing roofs, they can consider wooden shingles. Although a bit expensive compared to asphalt, the wooden shingles can give a home that curb appeal it deserves. Hardwood material like redwood or cedar can last for 30 years or longer.

Slate shingles

Although extremely durable, lasting for about 50 or so years, slate shingles cost a bit more. If the budget isn’t allowing, you can opt for engineered slate products or synthetic slate shingles that bring a similar appearance though a shorter life expectancy.

After a roof installation, you need also ensure routine maintenance to make it last its lifespan. Some roofing materials require extra care because environmental elements can damage them. You have to clean debris like dead leaves and twigs that can prevent proper drainage of surface water resulting in untimely damage to a roof. You may also consider local roofing companies that are well-versed on various roofing materials and know how to install and maintain or repair them. Also, you want to ensure you work within budget and are aware of the pros and cons of every roofing material. Some materials may be cheap, but do they last long? They may look very attractive to the eye, but are they long lasting?